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As the Internet becomes more powerful, many types of TV packages with channels have emerged to meet the needs of the people. In addition to traditional and cable television, IPTV is now more popular in Poland, a completely new form of television.

What is IPTV?

Russian TV IPTV in Poland is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol TV. It is a kind of television that must have broadband Internet access in order to broadcast television programs to viewers.

For traditional and cable TV, it receives signals from satellites or via cable, while IPTV in Poland connects directly to the Internet to receive signals. This means that you will be watching live streaming over the Internet, instead of capturing the signal via cable or panorama.

Benefits of IPTV

- Integrated multiservice

Users of Belarusian TV in Poland can use Internet access, watch Russian channels, fixed telephones, mobile phones and many other services in the same Internet transmission school.

- Interactivity

In order for users to actively interact with IPTV in Poland, it is easy to directly meet some of their needs with this television method. For example, find any program on Ukrainian TV in Poland that you want to watch by name and watch several channels at the same time, and it will provide information about that program. In fact, this can still be done on traditional television, but it is very difficult. There must be interactive communication between the transmitter and receiver and the network infrastructure. Hence, IPTV interoperability is more beneficial than other television methods.

- IP switching technology

Thanks to IP switching technology in IPTV, TV program data can be stored centrally and can only be transmitted when the user requests a channel. This helps to provide different services for IPTV instead of cable and satellite TV, which sends signals of all channels at the same time and wastes extra bandwidth.

- Home network

Today's TV has many multimedia features such as viewing photos, videos, browsing the web, listening to music, or using it as a regular TV when using IPTV. It will become the ideal home network that uniquely meets all the needs of the users.

- Video on Demand (VOD)

With Video on Demand (VOD), viewers can request to watch the video they want, search by the title of a video, movie, or any program, and watch it immediately without waiting.

- Full control over the TV show

The advantage of VOD is that you can order videos and control TV programs as much as possible. The user can select a program to record for later viewing, or burn it to a disc for viewing. And the IPTV remote control device has all the necessary functions to watch content, rewind content or stop a program as needed. IPTV provides programs according to the needs of the users, rather than by default, as with traditional television.

- HDTV high quality

With a broadband IPTV connection, users can watch high-quality HD video and audio programs.

IPTV connection in Poland

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