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Russian TV IPTV in Spain is a fully interactive service running on the Internet.

General information

By adding various additional services such as online cinema, Time Shift, VoD (video on demand), network personal video recorders, electronic programs, IPTV allows you to get excellent picture and sound quality and significantly expand the capabilities of your TV.

Broadcasting of Belarusian TV in Spain has no restrictions on the number of TV channels and the volume of content broadcast. Limitations may only appear in the network bandwidth of IPTV operators and Internet service providers that provide services to end users.


Advantages of IPTV over traditional cable TV High-quality picture and sound. Video content can be played back with high definition resolution and 5.1-channel audio. Interaction (for example: the ability to read a summary of the film). Ability to use third-party resources and programs (online cinema, weather, games, etc.) Time shift and video-on-demand service functions. TV and Internet access in the apartment via cable. The ability to stream TV content over Wi-Fi. More than 150 TV channels.

How does Ukrainian IPTV TV work in Spain?

IPTV uses ADSL video streaming technology to deliver scheduled programming or video on demand (VOD). Unlike wireless or cable TV, IPTV uses the IP protocol as a tool and requires an IP TV set-top box to decode images in real time. When the user changes channel or selects a program, the new content stream is directly transmitted from the operator's server to the set-top box.

IPTV in Spain mainly uses synchronous transmission based on Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) version 2 for live TV broadcasts and real-time media streaming protocol for on-demand services. Compatible video compression standards: H.264, Windows Media Video 9 and VC 1, DivX, XviD, Ogg Theora and MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

IPTV digital television in Spain is based on a compression and coding scheme called MPEG-2, which produces superior picture quality with reasonable bandwidth. MPEG 2 software writes one image to each image without indicating that something is missing. In the next frame, the program only saves the changes in the image, leaving the rest of the image the same as in the previous frame. MPEG-2 reduces data size by about 55: 1.

IPTV usually runs on a private network rather than the Internet. In a private network dedicated to IPTV, the provider can guarantee the quality of service. Such a network has a higher traffic rate than conventional IP networks. In the IPTV network, the priority of the TV signal is higher than that of other services, so the TV service is instant and there is no download waiting time.

An IPTV network can be created to provide services to millions or hundreds of users. The network can be national and broadcast hundreds of TV channels over thousands of kilometers. A small network can only serve the local community and only broadcast dozens of channels. In both cases, the cost of the central equipment and data network is critical to a profitable business.

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